About coronavirus: the most important

Coronavirus COVID-2019 is not as “evil” as, for example, SARS, which raged in 2003 (mortality 10%) or MERS – was in 2012 (mortality 34.4%).

But it has a very long incubation period (14-27 days), during which the person is contagious. That is, it spreads faster. In addition, according to the latest data, without clinical signs (symptoms) or in a mild form, COVID-2019 is transferred to 80 – 85% of all infected. The mortality rate in today’s coronavirus is generally small – 3%, but in the elderly and frail people it is noticeably higher. For comparison, the usual annual flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%. (About coronavirus: the most important)

Chronic diseases dangerous for COVID-2019:

Cardiovascular pathology


Chronic lung disease (COPD, asthma)


Young people need to take great care of their parents who have such diagnoses.

Smokers are at a special risk group for COVID-2019 due to weakened lungs.

Now is the time to quit smoking if you have not had a very long experience. Within a month, your lungs will be noticeably clear. The simplest breathing exercises – such as inflating balloons with a full inhalation and a very drawn-out, long exhalation “to the end” through half-closed lips, will help very much. Set yourself an alarm to do this three times a day for 5 minutes. And for those who are sick, it would be good to breathe like this every hour. This gymnastics “straightens” the lungs and prevents inflammation.

Let me remind you that people die precisely from lung damage caused by COVID-2019.

The most important thing in the situation with COVID-2019 is prevention!

As soon as you feel bad, you must immediately self-isolate. Do not go to work, and even more so do not go to elderly relatives and friends. I emphasize – the young will survive, the old will be hard. COVID-2019 does not have one hundred percent specific manifestations in the early stages, in fact it is a cold disease, so self-isolation should be for any cold symptoms, even if you have not traveled to China or Italy!

It is now important to avoid mass gatherings, transport and other public places.

Many employers have sent people away from work. Ask your boss if you can do your job from home.

And no handshakes!

But if you have to travel by public transport, wear rubber gloves and a mask.

An ordinary medical mask will not directly protect you from the virus, but it will most likely prevent you from touching your face with dirty hands. The most “dirty” places from the point of view of infection – door handles, handrails, and elevator buttons – must be touched either with rubber gloves or with the back of your hand. You must constantly wash your hands with soap, use hand disinfection.

The virus is transmitted between people by airborne droplets through close contact.

For example, when sneezing and coughing, if droplets get on your skin or mucous membranes.. And also by contact: through infected surfaces.

It is simply impossible to get infected “through the air”.

How to treat a cold?

There is evidence that aspirin is now preferred over paracetamol (Colder). Aspirin relieves systemic inflammation and thins the blood, which is important for coronavirus. When coughing – ACC (acetyl cysteine). I also remind you about Omega-3, vitamin C and adaptogens (something from this list: lemongrass, Echinacea, and ginseng).

Should I take antibiotics?

Independently – no.

Should I take antivirals?

If you have no side effects and they have helped before, tell your doctor about it. In general, the topic of antiviral drugs is very complex, let the doctor who knows you make the decision.

Dog-cats have nothing to do with this virus.

They have their own coronavirus infections, which are safe for humans.

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