What better way for an online store than a growing number of customer calls? Conversion only. We must have time to answer everyone, and not get confused

Business development creates new problems and challenges. Including literally – more and more telephone calls from customers, suppliers, partners, between company employees. 

(Better way online store customer calls?)

Once there are more hits than the online store can convert into sales. This is a milestone for many companies that will never grow by orders of magnitude. They have reached their limit. 

But some manage to go further. 

Market leader’s process hundreds and thousands of calls in parallel, they do not miss anything, do not forget, instantly switch calls between offices in different cities and time zones, find the best specialist to solve each issue. How do they do it?

The answer, in a nutshell, is cloud telephony. We will show more details further on the example of the Global drive online store.

The specifics of a large online store

Global drive is a distributor of aquatic equipment for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. It provides wholesale supplies to over 200 dealers across Russia and the CIS. There is also retail trade. The monthly traffic of the store is estimated at hundreds of thousands of people. 

Global drive branches are located in 20 cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Head office in Vladivostok, call center in Krasnodar. One hundred service centers all over the country. 

The company has over 200 employees. Only a few of them work in offices, many in sales and showrooms. In addition, recently, for a known reason, everyone switched to remote control – which Global drive coped with without loss.

The fact is that MANGO OFFICE cloud telephony is used for internal communication between managers and for external communications with customers . 


The main tasks of the communication center are so that calls are never lost. Each caller quickly connects to the right subscriber or gets called back at the earliest opportunity, and the data is saved in CRM for further analysis. 

MANGO OFFICE does a great job with all of this and more. For example:

  1. Callback order increases website conversion
  2. The contact center for 8-800 and a landline number works as a “hot line” 
  3. Mango Talker mobile app organizes group conversations

This is an ecosystem, it works as a single organism. 

Operators take calls and transfer them to suitable groups of managers – salespeople, logisticians, etc. The call within the group will be forwarded automatically, taking into account the priority, order and who was free earlier. 

The free Mango Talker app allows you to receive calls from anywhere – from a computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Each employee answers where it is most convenient for him now. 

There is a corporate messenger for internal communication. In the service chat, you can discuss something with colleagues without interrupting the call with the client.

For outbound communication, sales managers have FMC cards installed in their phones, which gives several advantages at once:

  1. Employees are always in touch
  2. Short number system speeds up calls
  3. Free on-net calls reduce costs 

Robot Phil is an automatic dialing service that speeds up the process by about 3 times. This is critical for a large number of subscribers because calls are often associated with promotions. That is, they are tied to specific dates. 

To the client card. MANGO OFFICE is integrated with Bitrix24. So call data is added to the CRM system. It is also convenient to listen to the recordings of conversations there.

MANGO OFFICE analytics includes reports on missed calls, call processing speed, number of received and outgoing calls for each employee. It is easy for management to understand who to award the award and with whom to discuss performance improvement. 

Is your online store ready to grow? 

If the number of calls is growing, it makes sense to prepare for peak loads in advance. Cloud telephony is all the more necessary in case of expansion plans, when the company opens offices in other cities, enters new markets.

(Better way online store customer calls?)

Global drive, on the example of which we examined the capabilities of MANGO OFFICE services, has built its internal and external communications in the form of a unified environment for communication, data collection, and analytics. As a result:

  1. Customers don’t have to wait in the line
  2. Each connection switches to the right technician
  3. Everything happens very quickly
  4. Reports are generated, data is automatically saved in the CRM system,
  5. Communication costs are lower due to the mobile application of the network

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