Games like Corsairs

Hey on deck! I suppose you yearned for sea romance? The games (Games like Corsairs) of the Sea Dogs series have raised more than one generation of robbers, and real pirates are not those who sit in a quiet haven for a long time.

Set the sails, raise the Jolly Roger and dry your gunpowder – we’ve prepared a list of games similar to Corsairs.

The Sea Dogs series (or “Corsairs” in our opinion) is a very iconic game for the domestic gaming industry.

Despite the attendant difficulties, Akella managed to create a truly unique project for their time. And to this day, for many, “Corsairs” remain a reference game about sea robbers.

There is no absolute alternative to the Corsairs to this day.

And those few projects that were created to replace them, or rest in the cemetery of wrecked ships , where the sad skeleton of “Corsairs IV” sways regularly on the waves, or drift somewhere in shallow water.

And yet we managed to find a few games that are somewhat similar to Sea Dogs. And if we forgot to mention something, fire from all the guns to us in the comments!


Today Sea of ​​Thieves is one of the most popular pirate-themed online games.

Deprived of a story campaign and a goal as such, the game offers virtual corsairs all the most important: spectacular PVP and PVE battles, the search for hidden treasures on the islands, encounters with sea monsters and cooperative ship management.

All of this is beautifully drawn and spiced up with a high-quality physics engine, thanks to which the sea in Sea of ​​Thieves is exemplary realistic.


On mobile platforms, The Pirate’s sandboxes were incredibly successful, and Home Net Games soon adapted their shareware creations for PC.

Both games are somewhat similar to “Corsairs”: players control pirate ships, roam the seas freely, seize and plunder ships, and trade in historic ports.

The Caribbean Hunt even has a co-op to team up with the treasure- hungry gentlemen of fortune in a flotilla.


In fact, we decided to add this game to the selection more for show.

The spirit of the project is the most pirate, and the controversial second Seadogs, as you may know, were created in tandem with Disney and were called “Corsairs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Like the sequel to Corsairs, Eurocom’s game was aimed at the brand’s audience, but you won’t find anything special to delight fans of Akella games.


A single-player RPG with an open world and a pirate setting has been released on all gaming platforms, including Switch.

The project unfolded for bandits on several continents and hundreds of fascinating stories of treasures and mythical creatures.

Players will be able to board ships, fill the hold with valuables and anchor with enemy fleets.

The concept of Under the Jolly Roger is perhaps more similar to “Corsairs” than any other game in this collection.


I know what you are thinking. Risen is really closer to classic RPGs like Gothic than to “Corsairs”, but this does not negate the fact that in Dark Waters stunningly conveyed a pirate adventure setting.

Aboriginal magic, wild islands, dead men with sabers guarding ancient treasures, and of course the ominous inhabitants of the deep sea.

The project turned out to be very atmospheric, albeit not devoid of the well-known shortcomings of the series.


Another role-playing game from a fundamentally different universe.

Nevertheless, it was the pirate setting that Ubisoft Montreal brought to its reputation as one of the best games in the Black Flag series.

Players, as captain of sea robbers Edward Ken way, as in “Corsairs” will salt bones in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, explore the lost ruins in search of treasures and participate in spectacular battles.


A game dedicated to the era of piracy, created on a modified engine Mount & Blade: War band.

The project provides players with the freedom of action inherent in the progenitor, which means that local gentlemen-robbers, having played enough sea ​​battle , are free to drop anchor in some bay, rob a couple of villages, and then stir up a storm in taverns, releasing doubloons on women and gambling.


A cooperative session like Guns of Icarus Online, but instead of flying ships, players here jointly control floating ships.

Nevertheless, the principle is very similar: the captain stands at the helm and directs the gunners, and the sailors, and they fire from all their guns, patch holes and go, if the monkfish orders, to board.

There are sieges of enemy forts and battles of fleets in the game, but there is no localization into Russian in Black wake and is not expected.


In some ways, it is really very similar to the first “Corsairs” game Naval Action was created with a bias in hardcore ship battles.

The world in it is huge, online is small, and any mistake will send both your valuable cargo and the ship with the crew to the bottom with both ends.

There are no fantasy elements, but there is trade, a character development system, improvement of ships and a calm, thoughtful gameplay.


The battle royal in a pirate setting, Blazing Sails, invites bandits to do what they do best – search for hidden treasures on the islands, as well as loot and then sink the ships of competitors.

The game resembles not so much the “Corsairs” as the head of our list of Sea of ​​Thieves: colorful battles on water and land, gunfights from ship guns, and the carve-up of loot.

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