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Valheim is a survival game from Iron Gate in which you play the role of a slain Viking summoned to the tenth world of Norse mythology, Valheim. There you will build your home, craft new equipment, and defeat Odin’s ancient enemies. In the procedurally generated world of Valheim, you will not be alone on your adventures – you can join up to 9 other players with whom you can cooperate in a friendly way in the exploration of territories. And here you can also go to sea on a makeshift ship and see what lies beyond the horizon. So if you’re interested in Games like Valheim, here are a few more of the best ones that focus on decision making, exploration, resource management, and environmental power.


If you like Scandinavian-themed games like Valheim, fast-paced gameplay and squad-based real-time strategy, then Ancestors Legacy is the game for you.

In this strategy game from Destructive Creations, you will command the Vikings, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic or Slavic armies in Northern Europe. Each nation has its own campaign.

For the Vikings, you have to found a dynasty with iron and blood. For the Anglo-Saxons – fight for the English throne.

In the German campaign, you will play as Rudolf I, the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, and as the Slavs, you will fight the crusaders who came to ravage your lands.

Ancestors Legacy is inspired by real historical events, where you control your army, attack enemy camps, and use the advantages of the terrain to build your own bases to defeat enemies.

And when the battle begins, the cinematic camera will provide you with the best possible view of the battle in which you will lead your troops to victory.


Surviving a plane crash is not easy anyway, but if your son is kidnapped by a clan of mutant cannibals, then the difficult turns into almost impossible.

In this first-person survival game developed by Endnight Games, you have to do whatever you need to do with whatever you can find with your hands.

The gameplay is a combination of survival and horror, and the player will have to explore a huge forest full of dangers, build a shelter from fallen trees, make weapons and armor from lizards, bones and even people, as well as defend against a clan of cannibals that hunt in these thickets.

As in Valheim, the environment is harsh and unforgiving, requiring the player to constantly improve their strength and skills in the search for the kidnapped son.

The Forest is a living, breathing world in which you can interact with everything you see. But beware – the places are wild and unexplored, and there seems to be something worse than cannibals lurking in these thickets.


The endless sea does not become your grave just because of your raft. In this first-person survival game from Redbeet Interactive, you play the role of a nameless survivor, plowing the seas in search of supplies.

Catch fish for food, protect yourself from a shark that can eat your raft, and figure out where the land has gone.

But you don’t have to do everything yourself – you can explore the sea with your friends. As in Valheim, in Raft you will not be so lonely when you have someone to back and help you.

But at the same time, you always need to monitor the levels of health, hunger and thirst, and with a friend you will have to share everything you find.

And the last thing – if you put together a radio station, you can pick up someone’s signal. Maybe someone else survived? There is only one way to find out.


Inspired by the Scandinavian theme of Valheim, in Northgard you have to lead a squad of Vikings who want to settle in uncharted lands.

This game from Shiro Games will give you the opportunity to build a Viking settlement in a completely new world that is just waiting for you to conquer it.

But winter is coming, so you should stock up on provisions and deal with other Viking clans, who also have their own goals.

But here you can not only build a city. Complete the story campaign and learn the story of Riga, whose father was killed by Hagen.

Together with his son Brand, he will go on a journey through these lands to uncover the secret of his father’s death.

But in the course of its adventures, Riga will have to make a discovery that will split the continent in two.

Build your city, develop your estate and drink a bottle of good ale. In Northgard, wealth and glorious loot await you.


There are two pieces of news, good and bad. The good one: In Eco, you can create a blooming ecosystem with any plants and animals you can imagine.

Bad: a meteorite flies to your planet, and you have to build a civilization with a sufficient level of development to stop it.

Can you grow fast enough to deal with the threat without sacrificing your home?

Build and develop your world, construct buildings and create a new life like in Valheim, but do not forget: every action has consequences.

Disruption of one ecosystem can destroy another. By polluting the environment, you doom the planet to a slow death, but with a meteorite flying towards it, time becomes especially valuable.

In this innovative city-building game from Strange Loop Games, the player will have to meet the needs of the population while maintaining a delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The end result is a game similar to Valheim, in which you constantly have to weigh the risks and the possible benefits of each of your actions.

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