Terminator games – Hasta la vista, baby

We decided to recall all the Terminator games available on PC and other platforms. At the same time, the selection included both official games in the Terminator (Hasta la vista) universe and side projects in which cyborg killers appeared as a “guest” character.

OLD GAMES (Hasta la vista)

The first film about the terminator was released back in 1984. In those years, the gaming industry still remembered the enchanting failure of ET the Extra-Terrestrial, so well-known studios were in no hurry to create game adaptations of blockbusters.

So the first game about the terminator on PC had to wait for 7 years. Only in 1991, Bethesda released the action game The Terminator (Hasta la vista), which was remembered not only for its rather driving gameplay and plot based on the first film in the franchise but also for its meticulous recreation of downtown Los Angeles on the screen.

T2: Terminator 2 Judgment Day

It is interesting that in the same year the first game based on the film “Terminator 2” appeared, namely the action-arcade T2: Terminator 2 Judgment Day, released on 8-bit consoles. Most gamers remember it mainly due to the fact that it encouraged shooting at the feet of human opponents instead of killing them (as in the film, John Connor asked about this at some point).

The Terminator: Future Shock

In 1993 and 1994, several adaptations of the first and second films in the franchise were released for the NES, SNES, Sega and other consoles platforms.

In 1995, the same Bethesda released the first -person shooter The Terminator: Future Shock, which not only became one of the first 3D shooters, but also the first in the history of this genre to implement a full-fledged free view using the mouse.

In 1996, a sequel to this project, called Skynet, was released. But in those years, Doom and Duke Nukem ruled the ball in the shooter genre, so both of these games did not become hits, although they were not a failure either.

Terminator 3

After that, there was a long hiatus in the history of Terminator games on PC. The first mobile game, The Terminator, was released in 2003.

In the same year, the third part of the film franchise was released, so that games about the terminator again became in demand by the public.

Atari managed to release two such games at once in 2003, namely the shooters Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator 3: War of the Machines.

Both were crushed by critics and failed sales. Released a year later, the same Atari Terminator 3: The Redemption turned out to be not much better, so the gamedev again forgot about the cyborg killers until the release of the next film.

Terminator salvation (Hasta la vista)

Simultaneously with the release of the fourth part of a series of films in 2009, the release of third-person shooter Terminator Salvation, set up by Grin.

The gameplay was based on the active use of cover, as in Gears of War, which allowed not only to avoid enemy shots, but also to regenerate some of the HP.

Unfortunately, in order to be in time for the release of the film, the originally planned multiplayer had to be cut out of the project, which did not benefit the game.

Terminator Salvation received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the advanced AI and thoughtful cover system, but criticized the lack of replay ability and poor graphics.

Terminator Genisys: Guardian

As you might expect, the next Terminator game came out in 2015 along with the release of the fifth movie. It was called Terminator Genisys: Guardian and was released on iOS and Android.

The project was a free-to-play third-person shooter with donated charms and weapons. The game is still available, but updates have stopped long ago.

The terminator

In the top-down shooter for PS3 and PS Portable The Terminator, you have to go to 2029, in which Resistance fighter Kyle Reese (GG of the first film) crumbles hordes of cyborgs from a light machine gun and tries to find a way to travel back in time and save John Connor from the same T-800.

The project is distinguished by dynamic, but rather monotonous gameplay and may be of interest to loyal fans of the MCU and fans of games in the spirit of Alien Shooter.

Unfortunately, the game has been withdrawn from sale in the official digital services.



Just in time for the premiere of the sixth Terminator movie, the first-person shooter Terminator: Resistance comes out, from which, frankly, no one expected anything.

Much to the surprise, the game received a lot of positive feedback from both fans of the franchise and those who were not previously interested in it, although the critics still remained cold.

Contrary to expectations, Terminator: Resistance is a prequel to the first two films, rather than describing what happened in the sixth.

They offer to play as Private Jacob Rivers, a soldier in John Connor’s squad. The fighter will have to fight Sky net, but the plot is non-linear and depends on the actions taken by the gamer in the process of passing.

The gameplay mixes elements of the classic first -person shooter and RPG: so, here you can not only shoot, but also collect resources, upgrade and complete side missions.

Fans also note the great vibe, shivering music, and an abundance of references that are sure to delight fans of the franchise. We definitely recommend playing.


Of course, the continuation of the famous series of third-person shooters does not directly relate to the Terminator MCU, because the action of all five games in the series takes place on a separate planet called Sera in a futuristic setting.

And the antagonists here are mainly not cyborgs, but a race of underground reptilians called Locusts.

Despite this difference in plot, Terminator in Gears 5 looks quite organic, if only because the most successful of the MCU games, namely Terminator Salvation, offered very similar gameplay to the Gears series with the key role of cover and rolling between them.

The famous T-800 by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Connor by Linda Hamilton are present in Gears 5 as skins for multiplayer mode.

The skins are detailed recreations of images from the movie “Terminator: Dark Fate” and were created by 3D scanning of the actors.

The skins were available for free to preorders in the first week after release, but they can now be purchased for a separate cost in the Microsoft Store.


The plot of this tactical open-world shooter is set in 2025 and is dedicated to the CIA operation to explore the mysterious Pacific island of Aurora, where the research and production complex of Skill Technology Corporation is located.

The firm is developing drones, and some of the new models are rumored to have combat functions and may be supplied to various dictatorial regimes.

When the helicopter of the Ghost Recon squadron flies up to the island, it is attacked by a flock of drones, as a result of which one of the operatives dies, the second is seriously injured, and the third goes missing.

Only the fourth of the fighters with the call sign Nomad retains combat capability and is forced to carry out the task set by the government alone.

The game is not directly related to the universe of Terminator, but it has an event based on the movie, which includes two operations: rescuing Flight Aldwin from the future and, of course, destroying our cyborg. Players are also invited to fight a crowd of T-800 cyborgs in various tasks.

Such cameos of characters from other settings are far from news for the Ghost Recon series, and the Predator and Sam Fisher, who appeared in the Wild lands, did not spoil the game at all and even made it a little better.


The continuation of the legendary fighting game series was released in April 2019, and since then the roster of fighters has been regularly updated with new characters from the classic MK series and other franchises.

So, the Kombat Pack addition, released simultaneously with the game, contained Night wolf and Shang Tsung, and on October 8, 2019, the owners of this DLC got access to the “guest” character of the T-800.

The cyborg image was taken from the upcoming release of “Dark Fates”, and the move set includes the active use of a huge arsenal of firearms and teleportation.

Another cool feature of the character is that if the enemy uses a technique associated with fire on him, then his outer shell burns out and the T-800 continues the battle already in the form of a metal endoskeleton.


This MMO strategy game for Android and iOS platforms differs from most other Terminator games in that it allows us to choose a side of the conflict.

The basic gameplay differs little from the classic mobile strategies and is based on the development of the base, the extraction of resources, the study of technologies and participation in large-scale battles between the Resistance and the machines.

Among the Leaders who can be recruited in the game as commanders, the T-800 is also available.


The mobile strategy Terminator: Dark Fate is timed to coincide with the release of the sixth film in the franchise and invites you to side with the Resistance.

In terms of gameplay, this is a typical representative of its genre with base building, resource extraction, pumping buildings and alliances with other survivors.

PvP is also present – nevertheless, there are so many resistance camps that clashes simply cannot be avoided, despite the common enemy.


This fan mod for the famous RPG adds not only the T-800 and TX skins for the protagonist, but also a whole set of interesting quests, weapons and armor related to the Terminator MCU.

In addition, cyborg killers appear among the mobs spawning across Sky rim. Of course, the new race completely breaks the balance – after all, all cyborgs are completely immune to poison, disease, fire and cold, have a ton of HP and cause a lot of damage.

But with them, the icy world of Sky rim becomes much more fun.


This mod adds to the game not just a couple of new skins, but also a full-fledged quest line, in which two cyborg killers arrive at once into the gloomy world of the nearest post-apocalyptic future from an even more distant and gloomy future.

One of them will constantly hunt for your character, and the second will become a faithful companion and protector.

As in the movie Terminator 2, the villain hunting you will be very difficult to kill. It’s funny that one way to get rid of the annoying cyborg is to lure him into a vat of molten steel.

However, the Terminator is also unlikely to survive a direct hit from an atomic bomb.

TERMINATOR (Hasta la vista) – MOD FOR GTA 5

This little mod just replaces the playable enchant model with the Arnold Schwarzenegger image from the second film.

At the same time, the model was created on the basis of the moment when Arnie was demolished half of his face and he began to sport a red robotic eye.

Thanks to this mod, the showdown with bandits and the police will now become even more epic.


The game, in which we play as the main character stuffed with implants, and the actions of which unfold in the future, could not do without associations with the Terminato (Hasta la vista)r.

For Cyberpunk 2077, there is a mod that transforms the interface in the style of old cyborg movies. As a result, now we are looking from the first person as if we are playing for the Terminator (Hasta la vista). A trifle, but nice.

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