How to make money on the Internet in 2021 without knowledge and experience?

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about the most popular ways how make money on the Internet without any type of experience.

Usually, Internet users are divided into three categories:

1) Beginners who have not earned a single penny on the Internet and do not believe in this possibility. 

2) Others have already “happened” trying to earn extra money, but in the end they did not succeed. 

3) And the last copies make money in full on the Internet, while having a huge springboard for new ideas for generating passive profit.

Before deciding which group you belong to, it is important to answer the following questions?

• How much time are you willing to devote to this work on the Internet?

• Do you have motivation to make money in this way?

• What skills do you currently have?

• Are you ready to invest?

Now let’s move on to the main thing.

Is it possible to make money on the Internet honestly?

Many have heard plenty of stories about financial pyramids and incomprehensible fraudulent schemes and therefore deny any means of generating Internet income. It’s time to say goodbye to prejudice and trust the facts!

Where to make money on the Internet without cheating? I will share with you my observations from personal experience and from the career experiences of my colleagues.

Based on personal experience and the experience of Internet users who already make money in it, we have selected the most popular and suitable options for you. Most of the presented methods will allow you to make money right now from scratch and without investments.

1. Earnings for beginners.

This way of earning money is suitable for schoolchildren, students, pensioners and mothers with children. If you actively visit social networks, then you can combine business with pleasure and earn a little for likes, reposts, and taking surveys. However, you should not count on a large income using this method.

1. Social networks and forums. 

The simplest way to make money on social networks is to carry out simple instructions, such as: like, subscribe to a group, repost, etc. In the same way, you can fulfill orders from advertisers and post their posts on forums – for this you will receive a monetary reward. These tasks can be found on well-known social media platforms.

2. Ad Views and Clicks another easy way for a student to earn money is to view websites, videos, advertisements and clicks on banners. These are very simple tasks that everyone can handle. You won’t be able to get big money on this, but you will be able to earn the first money guaranteed without any problems.

3. Simple tasks where you can make money at home and on special exchanges, where you need to perform relatively simple tasks, for example, translate sound (video) into printed text. We will also talk about this separately in this article.

4. Polls Using polls, students will also be able to get money from the Internet. It usually takes 10-15 minutes to answer all the survey questions. For one such survey, you can earn about 35-50 rubles. Polls come to your email after registering on the sites. For all the secrets of how to earn a lot by completing surveys, read our article.

5. Writing articles. The market for writing articles for websites is growing at a rapid pace – tens of thousands of articles are written every day. And on this any student can make great money. It is enough for you to write on average 1-2 small articles per day to earn 200-500 on this.

6. Affiliate Programs one of the popular ways to earn decent sums of money from scratch is affiliate programs. That is, in this case, you will need to promote various games, sites, services, applications, goods via the Internet … It is best to do this using your website, blog, social network (on your account or in groups and communities), forums, etc.

2. Earnings on crypto currency.

Crypto currency is constantly growing in value. Earning it, you need to understand the prospects for its storage. For example, I started earning crypt back in 2015, one cue ball then cost 200 bucks. In the current realities, it costs $ 35,664.

The best sites for earning crypto currency.

The list of faucets is constantly updated, new ones are added and those that have stopped paying are removed. Faucets pay in satoshi, which can be easily exchanged for money and then withdrawn to electronic wallets. Due to the fact that the crypto currency is constantly growing, it is really profitable to earn bit coins, because the amount earned increases over time from the growth of the rate.

Bitcoin faucets are an effective tool in the coming era of cryptocurrency. These are any resources – distributors of bitcoins to their visitors, living on advertising. The entire crane assembly published below has been carefully selected by us and will allow you to get the most BTC.

· AdBTC Top pays from 12,000 satoshi for viewing ads (up to 70 satoshi every 35 seconds). Surfing and watching videos.

· Free Bit coin allows you to receive 3000-5000 Satoshi every hour.

· BTC Clicks allows you to earn up to 10,000 Satoshi. The site pays steadily straight to your wallet. You can earn bitcoins for viewing ads on the sites of the service’s partners. You need to follow the link and wait 10 seconds to receive bitcoins.

· Kickass Traffic allows users to earn 2000 Satoshi (up to 60 Satoshi every 10 seconds). You can earn money for viewing the site, advertising, and clicks on it. Tasks on the site are constantly updated and added.

· Coin Bulb pays up to 30,000 Satoshi daily for clicks and ads. Payments to your bit coin wallet (after accumulation) are instant.

Is this an efficient way to earn cryptocurrency? Well, this is not really an option for people who are in full-time jobs. Tap rewards are always a few cents or a dollar. Such services are more made as an advertising function.

There are more efficient options to make money on crypto. This way is the cryptocurrency exchange . What it is? Cryptocurrency exchanges are used to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies for other digital or traditional currencies, such as US dollars or euros.

Those looking to trade professionally and have access to attractive tools will likely need an exchange that requires ID verification and account opening. If you just want to make direct deals from time to time, there are also platforms that don’t require an account.

Best crypto currency exchanges

· is a crypto currency exchange, which is a popular resource offering modern trading a lot of opportunities for working with virtual money. You can even say that this is a kind of powerful environment that allows you not only to make money on trading, but also to quickly withdraw them, invest in new coins, win them for free, etc. There is probably no such strong and at the same time functional resource among other crypto-exchanges on the market. Many traders always work here, including Russian-speaking users.

·  is an analogue of the above-mentioned exchange.

·  – an exchange that supports over 140 trading pairs. It was created in 2014 in the USA and works only in English. On average, 5387 visitors visit it daily. The exchange offers various time frames and visual detailed charts, supporting Fibonacci levels. The main advantage of Poloniex is the most convenient navigation. One screen presents: chat, newsletter, markets. As for the markets, they are sorted according to several parameters, including price changes, volumes and alphabet. Users can easily configure the selected pairs. Fork turnovers allow the exchange to occupy TOP positions.

· Kraken  – Kraken Exchange was founded by San Francisco in 2011. Trading operations are carried out using crypto and fiat currencies. It is possible to replenish / withdraw crypto currency automatically with a nominal commission, which, as a rule, is 0.2% of the amount and decreases in case of an increase in trade turnover.

· Bittrex is the world leader in terms of crypto currency exchange volumes. Despite the fact that the site provides an impressive number of exchange pairs, only Bit coin can be withdrawn into real money. Average commission for conversion of funds is 0.5%

3. Earnings on the sites YouTube, Tik-Tok, and others.

YouTube – as in any social network, you should not expect a sharp rise in popularity on YouTube and a complete safe of crispy bills. Everything happens gradually, and with any method of making money on your YouTube channel, you will start small. 

For example, start blogging on your own channel. The point is that you just need to upload interesting videos to the site. But do not forget about the competition on YouTube, as well as the quality of the video itself. The more interesting your content is. The more you can attract the attention of YouTube users. In general, the income of the authors of channels on YouTube can be divided into several categories:

1. Earnings on AdSense – To earn money through AdSense, the channel must meet the minimum requirements of the video hosting (at least 100 subscribers and at least 1000 views). After connecting to AdSense and turning on monetizing the channel contextual advertising will appear in your videos on YouTube, and after 48 hours you will start receiving the first payments for clicks on it.

2. Earnings on direct advertising – when you integrate advertising for a product inside your video. This is not suitable for novice bloggers, since large advertisers simply will not be interested in them, and it will be difficult to earn a decent amount of money on small ones. Difficult, but possible. If you want to make money on advertising, you can use special exchanges to find advertisers, for example Get Blogger, etc.

3. Selling products is a separate tool for driving traffic to your business. It is mainly used not by bloggers, but by online stores. Nowadays the section “Product overview” is very popular on YouTube. If you want to sell a product, you just need to record review videos on it.

Twitch – if you are an avid gamer, then for sure you want to combine a pleasant pastime with an income. Knowing how to make money on Twitch, you can reach a profit of $ 100-300 in a short time. But how do you get down to business?

Earning money on games is associated with such a concept as streams – live broadcasts on the network through special services. Popular sites include Twitch: here users share recordings of passages or watch strangers.

Most of the skills you need to make money streaming video can be developed.

Ways to make money on Twitch

The site provides an opportunity to earn no less than the average office employee gets. Originally created as a simple streaming site, Twitch has become a source of income for thousands of users. The owners offered different options for making a profit: some are intended only for partners, but the rest of the users will also receive money. What methods are at your disposal?

Affiliate program

Participation in an affiliate program does not bring direct profit, but gives you access to different types of earnings. To start an official partnership with Twitch, you need to broadcast at least 3 times weekly. The number of viewers has also been agreed – from 500 people during each broadcast. When your application is approved, you will have access to paid ad placement and other services that allow you to earn money.

Donates from viewers

Knowing how to earn donations on Twitch will give you an additional source of finance. Viewers often prefer this option in order to transfer the amount one-time.

Tik Tok is a social network launched relatively recently, in September 2018. But already now, users have managed to find opportunities for earning money on this site. Although you have to put in a lot of effort before the blog is promoted and begins to generate serious income. You need to regularly shoot and post videos that will be interesting to users and demonstrate the author’s talents. This site is intended for those who shoot high-quality short videos. Everyone can create their own account in “TikTok” and take advantage of the possibilities of this social network.

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