Proven schemes for making money online – 10 ways to make money in 2021

Welcome dear guests! After reading this article, you will receive a ready-made guide to making money online. We will consider working schemes for earning for 2021, which you can apply immediately after reading the article. (making money online)

More than 60 earning schemes were tested, but only 10 of them actually worked!

If you have the desire and desire to start making money, then you will definitely succeed.

But, if you are looking for a miracle scheme that will bring you a huge amount of money in a day, then you are in the wrong place.


The Internet is full of scammers who sell supposedly working schemes for earning money, with the help of which you can earn without doing anything.

Remember, this does not happen, these are all scammers who want to take your money.

I will not torment you for a long time, let’s get down to the review!

If you want to learn how to make money on the Internet and get decent money every month, but do not know where to start, I recommend that you read our article, 50 sites for making money on the Internet!

Scheme of making money on bank cards – financial offers

To implement, you will need to register with the affiliate programs aggregator .

There, in the ” Program Catalog ” section , you need to find bank offers that will pay us for clients who have issued a bank debit card:

For example, for each issued card from Raiffeisen Bank, you will receive from 1650 to 7500 rubles !

Now the most interesting thing is how to attract traffic and make money on it!

The essence!

We go to Avito and post an attractive vacancy in any big city, the larger the city, the more applications there will be.

You can come up with a vacancy yourself, the main thing is to make it believable.

When they write to you about work, you may not have a lot to communicate, find out work experience , age , etc.

As a result, we inform those who wish to get a job that the salary is paid only to the card of a certain bank, since you have a salary agreement with this bank.

We give our affiliate link to issue a card and get money for the client!

Then we merge politely, after a while.

You can also post vacancies on social networks and process clients there.

For more efficient work, you can shorten your affiliate link or bind your short domain.

Working scheme of earnings – production and sale of unique content

Unique content is highly regarded in the Internet and its value comes to 300 rubles per 1 thousands of characters ( 1 character = 1 character )

Content is required by webmasters who have their own sites. They buy ready-made articles or order writing from copywriters.

I offer you a ready-made scheme for making money on unique content!

You are not thrilled to write articles on your own, you can sell 10-20 ready-made unique articles per day .

In order not to describe the content extraction scheme for a long time, I recorded a video with detailed instructions:

This way you can make money with unique content.

Earnings with Google Cue – crowd marketing

Google Kew, former Google experts, the service merged with TheQuestion and turned out to be a large platform of questions and answers.

How to make money here?

Everyone knows that Google gives priority to its services and shows them on the first issue page.

Thus, it attracts a huge amount of traffic that we can redirect to our sites or the sites of our clients.

For example, I answered a question and inserted a link to my site, received almost 400 conversions :

We will earn on the provision of services related to Google Cue!

How it works?

You create an account on the Google Cue service and start answering different questions, along the way inserting links into your answers.

This is not prohibited by the service, you can advertise other people’s or your own sites, but you should do it carefully.

Thus, you attract additional traffic to the site and get backlinks, which will have a good effect on website promotion.

You can offer your services on different freelance exchanges ( , , etc.), on thematic forums, or write directly to the site owners.

Orders for such a service will be unambiguous, the main thing is to do your job efficiently so that there are repeated orders.

You can earn quite decent money, because the average price for one answer is 50 rubles !

Website development for next year is the best earning scheme for 2021

I have not seen anywhere even a semblance of this scheme, which I will now tell you.

You know very well that there are millions of different sites on the Internet and you have to try very hard to get traffic to your site.

I want to tell you how you can get thousands of visitors to your site every day and absolutely guaranteed.

To create a website that is guaranteed to take first place in the search results, you need to write articles on non-competitive topics.

This means that you can write articles for the next year, where there is no competition yet.

For instance!

I wrote several articles on my website for 2021 and after a week all the articles were in the top 10 , although it was still 2020:

Earnings on the Internet 2021

Business ideas 2021

Where to invest in 2021

What to sell in 2021

I think you get the point, the topics can be different ( horoscopes , news , finance , cars, and so on).

You can monetize your site using Google Adsense .

Thus, you will take the first places in the search results in advance, and when the right moment comes, you will receive a large amount of traffic.

And another big plus of this scheme of earning is that you do not have to create a new website every year.

You can simply redo the articles and optimize them for the new year, for this it will be enough to change one number!

The more articles you have, the more traffic you will get.

Earnings on affiliate programs – 360 rubles for registration

The Internet is a great place to spend your leisure time; many play online games or watch movies.

So you will be able to earn some money and get on 360 rubles for each registration in the game on your link:

To choose a game and get your link for inviting players, register on the website !

Further in the section ” Catalog of affiliate programs ” you can choose any offer and pass moderation, after that you will receive your unique link to attract traffic.

How to drive traffic?

You can order advertising from video bloggers who are associated with online games.

You can also buy ads in communities or from Instagram bloggers.

You can also create your site and promote it, as soon as you have traffic on the site, it means there will be traffic to the affiliate program.

You can come up with different schemes for attracting traffic, the main thing is that they are not prohibited by the affiliate program.

Making money using YouTube on other people’s videos is legal

Everyone has seen cuts from well-known programs such as Comedy Club or STAND UP on YouTube , on unofficial channels.

Such videos are gaining quite large views, and the authors of such channels earn up to 3 thousand dollars a month .

But this is certainly not legal and such channels do not last long, since they violate copyright, although you can also earn money this way.

I will tell you how you can use other people’s videos and you won’t get anything for it.

Have you heard of the Creative Commons license ? If not, I’ll explain it to you.

If the YouTube author uses this license, it means that everyone can take this video and upload it to their channel.

Under such a video, the following will be written :

To find such videos in YouTube search in the ” Filters ” section , you need to select ” Creative Commons License “

Now you can take any video from the search and upload it to your channel!

This way you can upload hundreds of videos to your channel daily and get views and subscribers.

As soon as you gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 thousand hours of viewing , you can connect monetization to your channel and make money:

Here is such an easy scheme for making money on YouTube, use it!

Avito income scheme – resale and partnership

Popular classifieds board with huge traffic that can make you money.

This is a kind of big online store where everyone can sell goods and buy.

As they say, all ingenious is simple!

You can buy products from AliExpress and sell them on Avito with a price boost.

Many will say that this method has not worked for a long time and will be wrong.

This scheme works well in 2021, as people just don’t want to wait several months for a product to be delivered from AliExpress and buy this product on Avito!

You can also sell handmade goods, you don’t even have to do something yourself.

You can buy handmade goods and resell them for more.

You can also negotiate with the person who makes Hand Made and simply take your percentage from each sale.

You, in turn, will provide a stream of buyers through Avito by publishing many ads.

Drain traffic from Google.Q – many free referrals

Google.Q is an excellent platform for attracting referrals to any projects.

Google services occupy the highest positions in the search, so there is a lot of traffic there and you can direct some of the traffic to your enrichment.


On Google.Q, a person asked the question “How to make money on likes”

I answered this question and inserted my referral link to the site, now I passively receive referrals that bring me money:

This is just an example, you can experiment and look for better sites to attract referrals.

Only here there is one point that must be taken into account.

The fact is that the rules of the service say that referral links cannot be inserted into responses.

So you have to make a ” Layout ” site that will serve as a filter.

For example, you can make a website with an article in which you tell about the service and insert your referral link.

You can also send traffic to affiliate programs!

Well, I think you got the essence, then it all depends on your ingenuity.

A ready-made scheme for making money tinkoff + avito – HR affiliate programs for job search

The essence of the scheme is in the direction of traffic to vacancies of HR offers.

For example, tinkoff bank pays 375 rubles , for each employee attracted using your link:

You give the person your link, he fills out a questionnaire on the site and then the bank manager contacts him, this is where your work is finished.

You can attract traffic using the sites Avito , and others.

You post a vacancy with a full description, the vacancy must be posted in different cities in order to receive more applications.

To make it easier to communicate, it is best to come up with one good message and send it to everyone who responded.

This will save you time, the main thing is to come up with a good message.

Before sending this message, you can ask a couple of questions so that the client knows that you are interested in it.

As a result, you receive a large flow of applications, but most of them will not be accepted by the advertiser, since many will simply stop answering calls from managers.

Here are my statistics on the operation of this scheme:

You can use other HR offers, this is just an example.

Earning money on Instagram – attracting subscribers

Many people want to become popular and make big money, this opportunity is provided by the social network Instagram.

It’s no secret that advertising in promoted accounts costs a lot of money, which the account owner receives.

In this regard, promotion services on Instagram have become popular, and this is what we will do.

The essence of the scheme!

There is a very cheap cheat service (subscribers, likes, views) called

Your task is to find novice bloggers and offer them services to promote their accounts.

Indicate the price for the promotion yourself, then you simply wind up subscribers for a penny, and take the difference for yourself.

You can also create a kwork on the website , where you can offer cheating subscribers at cheap prices.

As you can see, this service is very popular.

In this way, you can make good money if you find a lot of bloggers who need promotion.


As you can see, working schemes for earning exist, we have considered only proven schemes that can be implemented with the proper approach.

You can add something of your own to any of the schemes and increase your earnings, it all depends on you and your knowledge.

If you have anything to add, you can do it in the comments.

I wish you good luck and big money on the Internet!

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