Virus and epidemic games on PC

Eerie epidemics and pandemics both frighten and attract people: the opportunity to find yourself in a world plunged into chaos due to a fatal disease is impressive, but also serves as a kind of preparation for such situations. We have compiled a list of the most interesting virus games, in which epidemics (Virus and epidemic) are presented in the most detailed and reliable way.


Ubisoft clearly shows that money will not be good. In Tom Clancy’s The Division dilogy, the epidemic was caused by the “dollar flu” – a certain virologist improved the smallpox strain, applied it to banknotes, and left money in stores on the eve of Black Friday.

The result was not long in coming: after 3 weeks, the cities of the United States were empty, criminal groups divided the territories, and the soldiers of the special unit are desperately trying to rectify the situation.

The games are open-world MMO-action games – alone or in a company with friends in the first part you will explore atmospheric snow-covered New York, and the sequel will take you to sunny Washington.

Clashes with bandits, investigating a disaster, searching for the best loot, hunting other gamers in the “Dark Zone” – The Division has a way to seriously tighten.


In Pathologic, we find ourselves in a city cut off from the outside world by a progressive sand ulcer.

Its prototype was the real anthrax – patients suffer from headaches, hallucinations and fever, and the mortality rate reaches almost 100% if treatment was not provided on time.

We have to play as a doctor who returns to his hometown and sees what is described above.

Our projects from Ice-Pick Lodge are not straightforward and saturated with various kinds of metaphors, so in Pathologic you have to figure out what is happening (and it will not work the first time) for several game days, and also try to find the coveted cure for the disease.

However, whether to save local residents, or leave them to their fate is up to you.


The action-adventure Dishonored takes place in the fictional town of Dun wall, which was once the thriving capital of the Empire.

It’s not hard to guess in what state he is now – the rat plague has decimated tens of thousands of residents, the territory of the town has sharply divided into “poor” and “rich”, and nothing but time will stop small carriers.

The local rat plague differs from the one that attacked Europe in the 13th century – it affects the lungs and brain, causes severe weight loss, baldness…

Symptoms abound, but when you learn more, goosebumps run through the skin. So, at the very late stage of the disease, people have bloody tears, and they are already hopelessly called “mourners”.

The games themselves are action games with non-linear passage of tasks, magical abilities and an intriguing plot about palace intrigues.

One of the abilities, by the way, allows you to use rats in order to quietly eliminate enemies – and there really will be nothing left of them.


In Plague Inc: Evolved, you will not reap the consequences of the epidemic, but spread deadly viruses across the Earth and make sure that humanity is destroyed.

This is a pretty interesting simulator – you will need to spread the disease and gradually “improve” it, observing the countries from a bird’s eye view.

People are not stupid and will try to invent a cure, and if even one in 7 billion survives, you will fail.

Plague Inc: Evolved offers a choice of both common diseases (bacteria, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus) and non-standard (available as DLC).

The latter include the Necroa virus, which turns people into zombies, the Neurax worm that enslaves the human mind, the Simian flu from Planet of the Apes, and other unusual ailments.


In Pandemic: The Board Game, the essence is the same as in Plague Inc, just the opposite – here you will be engaged in saving humanity from deadly diseases by building a team of specialists with various skills.

So, a quarantine expert will direct his efforts to prevent outbreaks of the disease, and a scientist will try to invent a cure.

The video game is based on a board game , so the roles will be distributed among real users, and it is better to invite friends for this.

Pandemic: The Board Game has a version for mobile platforms (there, in fact, the game first appeared) and a port on the PC, which, judging by the feedback from gamers, came out not very successful.


The island of Manhattan, which is located in the United States, in Prototype games becomes the epicenter of the proliferation of biological weapons “Black Light”, which scientists originally created with good intentions.

According to their idea, the virus was supposed to improve a person as a creature, but in the end he broke free and caused the appearance of mutants in the city and a nationwide disaster.

What’s even more interesting, we have to play as such a mutant. True, not disfigured – he has a human appearance and at the same time runs too fast, jumps high and literally hovers in the air.

And he is also able to change his limbs, turning them into organic melee weapons, absorbing people and taking on their appearance.

The open-world action Prototype can easily be called “GTA with abilities”, but here you won’t have to steal anything for obvious reasons.


The zombie epidemic is probably one of the most popular scenarios of the apocalypse, which has already been told dozens and hundreds of times in films, books and games.

At the same time, few are trying to explain the cause of the pandemic – virus, magic, God’s punishment … And do the survivors want to learn about the reason when everything is doomed?

We did not artificially stretch the selection to include single zombie games – that would be unfair, since they all deserve attention if the topic of the spread of viruses and the consequences of this is interesting to you.

In turn, we recommend taking a closer look at the shooters Left 4 Dead and World War Z, the open-world action games Dead Island and Dying Light, the strategy They Are Billions and the adventure Stubbs the Zombie in Revel without a Pulse.


A colorful third-person shooter tells, perhaps, about the most harmless pandemic at first glance, which occurred due to … soda.

In a future ruled by corporations, a certain company FizzCo released the Overcharge Delirium XT energy drink, after the adoption of which people mutate into monsters.

In the role of a service worker, you have to survive and leave the city captured by monsters.

In terms of gameplay, this is an open-world shooter with parkour elements that are woven into the combat system.

So, you can effectively deal with enemies, sliding along the wires and roofs of houses, running along the walls and doing other acrobatic tricks.


Resident Evil comes to mind immediately after the mention of deadly viruses and pandemics – the series has won such fame thanks not only to excellent horror and action games, but also films, books and even anime series.

This is a true classic of the gaming industry that we highly recommend touching if you have not already done so.

The test tube, accidentally broken and giving rise to all the action in the games, contained the T-virus – a bioorganic weapon for creating super-soldiers.

In the host’s body, it causes various mutations, but mainly turns people into zombies.

The unfinished superhuman serum became publicly available a little earlier than planned, and as a result, the town of Raccoon City was flooded with zombies, which you will have to fight in the person of experienced operatives.

The series could also be attributed to the “games about zombies”, but here, in addition to stupid dummies, there are also very memorable mutants, and the games themselves are more than just shooting the walking dead.


“Why are all these epidemics happening in America?” – thought the creators of Dark Sector and sent the players to the fictional region of Lasria, which is located somewhere in Russia.

The outbreak of the dangerous Technocyte virus, which turned living beings into mutants, was already suppressed here once, but the epidemic has returned, and for the second time you have to deal with it personally in the person of a US agent.

A feature of this virus is that the infected gradually become overgrown with metal and evolve in this way.

You can understand how this is right away, because the main character also became infected – his hand became metal, and its continuation is the special throwing weapon of the glaive.

Actually, the whole gameplay is built on this feature – throwing a “boomerang”, you will effectively eliminate soldiers and mutants.


We are transported from Russia to Japan, where we are again witnessing the spread of a dangerous virus. Everything is on the roll – in the Land of the Rising Sun, a certain infection turns people into terrible monsters (someone into “ordinary”, so to speak, and someone – rather huge and disfigured).

The forces thrown to fight the monsters were defeated, and the Japanese had their last hope – this is a squad of modern ninjas.

In terms of gameplay, Ninja Blade is a slasher game in which you have to crush dozens and hundreds of enemies, hacking through to their bosses.

Missions are protracted and filled with blood-thrilling action, the main enemies delight and frighten at the same time, and in the arsenal of melee weapons there are several options for any style of play.

We also note the plot, which presents unexpected turns and saves players from senseless carnage.


As in Dishonored, the bubonic plague is the cause of all the trouble in the stealth-action adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence.

However, in this game the action really takes place in the middle Ages. , in France, and the “Black Death” is real here. You have to play as a teenager Amicia, who is trying to save her life and the life of her younger brother Hugo from the clutches of the Inquisitors.

And all this – against the backdrop of a growing disease that will take the lives of about 50% of the population of Europe.

Our heroine is not particularly warlike, so she will have to survive using her stealth and ingenuity. For example, you can extinguish a guard’s torch, and he will be instantly gnawed by rats.

However, do not forget that this lonely source of light saves you from a terrible death.

A Plague Tale: Innocence came as a welcome surprise for the gaming industry in 2019, and is praised for many aspects of the game, including storyline, atmosphere and gameplay.

If you suddenly missed this “diamond”, then we have found entertainment for you for several evenings ahead.


London, 1918. Dr. Jonathan Reed arrives in the city to cure the inhabitants of the Spanish flu, but his good intentions are not rewarded because there are evil spirits such as vampires in this world.

Jonathan, unfortunately, becomes one of the monsters, and now he has to either overcome his new essence, or give it free rein. From such actions, by the way, the game world will constantly change.

As for background events – the Spanish flu – this disease has claimed the lives of more than 50 million people.

The worst thing is that mostly young people became its victims. You will have to observe the consequences of this as you walk the streets of virtual London.


In the open-world action game Days Gone, you will encounter “phreakers”, a kind of zombies.

The victims of uncontrolled biological weapons, unlike the walking dead we know, did not die – however, they are just as stupid and aggressive, and their superiority in strength and dexterity allowed them to quickly wipe out a good part of humanity.

The virus, by the way, affects not only people, but also animals, and in the game you will encounter infected crows, wolves and bears.

They offer to play as a biker, whose “horse” is clearly faster than phreakers. You have to follow the story campaign, explore the open world and often face hordes of mutants, the battles with which you will definitely remember.


“What’s going on here?” – This question will haunt you throughout the passage of the souls-like action Bloodborne. Let us explain – in one town people could heal any disease using a ritual transfusion of special blood.

However, something went wrong and people from healthy began to turn into terrible monsters, from which you have to clean the streets of Yharnam.


The real-life fungus Cordyceps Unilateralis caused a pandemic in The Last of Us, provoking the appearance of “mushroom” zombies.

The fungus, getting into the human body, grows right inside, slowly but surely turning it into a monster. As a result – the apocalypse, the extinction of most of humanity, and senseless survival its remnants, which include the main characters. The fact that The Last of Us are masterpieces of the gaming industry is not worth talking about. Be sure to play if you own a PS 3/4.

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