World Health Day 2021: history and traditions of the holiday

World Health Day 2021 is a reminder of the importance of mental and physical health and the need for timely prevention.

When is World Health Day

World Health Day 2021 is celebrated on April 7th. It is an important holiday for everyone who cares about their well-being, a healthy body, and a strong mind, as well as strives to protect the environment and improve the ecological situation, which directly affects the development of a healthy nation.

History of the holiday

The topic of health has been affecting the minds of mankind for many centuries. Every decade, the life expectancy of a person increases, thanks to the constant development, improvement of medicine and regular discoveries in this area.

A few decades ago, people were dying from diseases that are now being successfully treated and do not cause panic fear, and confusion. However, there are many gaps and unresolved problems in the field of medicine that require daily work.

Considering this issue from a global point of view, the constantly deteriorating situation with the environment, unstable economy, lack of affordable medicine in some countries does not contribute to a high-quality and healthy life.

To address these issues, the World Health Organization was created, whose responsibilities include developing scientific programs and research, setting standards and monitoring their universal adherence, assessing the health situation and taking measures to improve it.

WHO works with many countries and governments to implement national strategies and meet collective commitments? They advise the ministries of health of different states, promote the expansion of opportunities for prevention, treatment and care in all areas of health.

The date of the emergence of WHO is considered to be April 7, 1948, when the organization’s charter was signed. And since 1950, on the same date, the World Health Day appeared, allowing every year to raise issues that affect all of humanity and directly affect our lives. This is our health and longevity.

Holiday traditions

World Health Day is accompanied by mass events, conferences and flash mobs.

Free consultations of key specialists are held in medical institutions on this day. Here you can measure your blood pressure, check your blood sugar level, get important information on how to prevent the onset and development of many diseases, on the need for annual medical examination in order to detect health problems early.

Every year, mobile medical centers receive an increasing response, where you can also listen to useful information, undergo an examination, and receive the necessary recommendations.

Every year, World Health Day is held under a specific slogan and has a clear theme. The topic is touched upon, which is the most problematic, requiring intervention and control at the moment.

WHO recommendations

The main and most important component of health, WHO sees in the need for constant physical activity. Moreover, you should not confuse it with physical exercise, which is only one of the points in this direction.

Physical activity is understood as any body movement that requires muscle contraction and energy consumption. Physical inactivity is one of the causes of many no communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It is the fourth leading cause of global mortality.

Physical activity includes any kind of movement, be it walking, dancing, playing, sports. No wonder they say: “movement is life. “Nutrition is also associated with this important point. Indeed, at present, the percentage of obesity among people of both childhood and adulthood is extremely high, which also affects the quality of health.

With regard to nutrition, WHO recommendations are as follows:

Maintain proper energy metabolism and a healthy weight.

Move from saturated to unsaturated fat (fish, flax seeds, nuts, sesame and flaxseed oil, etc.).

Eliminate Tran’s fatty acids from the diet.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Limit sugar and salt intake. And also provide salt iodization.

Thus, compliance with WHO recommendations, regular medical examination, physical activity and adequate sleep will allow you to live a long and healthy life.

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